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<November 23> Items compiled from various sources including the Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco.*

1. Driving a car to work.
2. Living in a city where citizens are permitted to carry guns in public.
3. Walking out in the open during a thunder storm.
4. Getting into a confrontation with a police officer while black.
5. Swimming in the ocean off Ballston Beach, Maine at dusk.
6. Living in a home with a depressed individual who owns a gun.
7. Being without health care in Alabama.
8. Being a woman whose only option is to get an illegal abortion.
9. Falling out of Bed
10. Being a Muslim in the United States.

*A west coast think tank cited by leading Republicans

<November 28> Before I posted this 5 days ago, I deleted one item as too far-fetched and too argumentative. I add it back now upon reflection.

11. Working in a Planned Parenthood Center

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