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Here is a great way to promote you teams on Game Day.  Create a one sheet program that contains basic information about the game and about your teams.  NCAA schools create these for every single game in every sport.  The programs for large sports at large schools are many pages but the Olympic sports at all schools have a one sheet program.

A two-sided program should contain as a minimum:

  1.  Team Schedule in three columns including date, opponent (at if away game), and a third column with previous scores and times for upcoming games.
  2. Rosters for both teams in numerical order.  Number, name, position and class.  College Rosters include Hometown/high school. Above the columns, the Overall and Conference record. Below, the coaches and Head coach longevity.  I have been a Public Address Announcer for 37 years and these are invaluable.
  3. Website and social media addresses.
  4.  Remaining space for graphics, photos, logos and possibly sponsors.

You should distribute 10 copies to the pressbox for game day personnel and media.  You can then distribute enough to those attending or sell them for 25 or 50 cents at the gate.

Below is an example from Emerson College Mens Soccer.


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