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by Nan Klee

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They had ordered, rather than requested her presence, then left her waiting in a small anti-chamber for well over an hour. Now slightly miffed, Doctor Samantha Alexander considered leaving for a bite of lunch, when a massive blond jack of a man in a black security uniform opened the tall polysteel door and silently gestured her into the Board of Directors’ chamber. She followed him into the spacious room, feeling an unusual suspicion. The inner chamber felt even more sterile than the majority of the artificial, underground environment in the city of Proteus. Thin sheets of polished gray moon rock decorated the always-present, dull polysteel walls that sealed in the atmosphere. Lighting, as always indirect and psychologically effective, directed Samantha to the long slate-blue table at the other end of the cold room. Seated behind the blue lacquered, crescent-shaped table waited Dreagan Corporation’s Board of Directors, who, along with the colony’s Founder, Doctor Jonathan Dreagan, made up this ruling body of this pseudo-socialistic lunar colony.

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By William Barrons

This is the first in his four-novel (and more coming) series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Sergeant Jack Leslie; much revised from the original, published as “The .22 Caliber Killings.








Second novel in his series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Lieutenant Jack Leslie; much revised from the original, published as “Cops Can’t Cry.”








Third novel in his series about the San Diego Police
Homicide Detail and featuring Detective Paddy O’Dean.







Fourth novel in his series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Sergeant Kevin Williams.


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Letter by Keith Michael Estrada, Lakebay on July 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm |

While Congress advances legislation in response to the tens of thousands of Central Americans who have entered the United States in recent months, we must educate ourselves and seek the genuine narrative behind this surge of peoples.

Keith Michael Estrada

Keith Michael Estrada

Upon discovering the veracious account facing Central Americans vis-à-vis the United States’ contribution through our foreign and trade policies, one would find it difficult to support any proposed solution centered on deportation.

To justify the dangerous journey, circumstances must be so horrid that all risk involved in fleeing is outweighed by the mere hope of sanctuary in foreign lands.

Like the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Central American Free Trade Agreement has helped lay the foundation for many root causes encouraging people out of their nations, such as: greater poverty and unemployment, environmental degradation, violence and trafficking.

It is heinous for the United States to consider deportation and border enforcement as our primary options when we have the resources and responsibility to respond otherwise.

It is unwise to refrain from addressing and correcting our participation in the development of the Central American experience, one which presents and favors two outcomes for the poor and vulnerable who otherwise reject illicit alternatives: flee or die.


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