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New Stuff – February 4, 2017


WordPress for Toastmasters

Just found this morning  Very good site by David Carr


Here is a collection of information that might be valuable to members of Toastmasters International who are Vice President of Public Relations(VPPR) for their clubs.

 Additional Resources

Let the World Know (Item 1140)


M/PR Newsletter

Media Center

PR Corner

All About Toastmasters (Item 124)

Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan (1111)

Brand Portal 

Marketing Resources


VPPR General

Toastmasters link for VPPR resources

Toastmasters Marketing VPPR Newsletters

Handbook for VPPR Training.  This contains the outline from which this training session originates.

Brand Portal.  This link contains downloads for logos and graphics for fliers, business cards, letterhead, newsletter templates and any material that you might use to promote your club.  Scroll down to Create Your Club or District Website to learn more about setting up the website.

PR Handout  This is a list of links that tell you everything about VPPR.  It covers much, much more than you ever need.  A one stop link list.

Mondo Times.  Interesting external link that helps you find media outlets to which you might send information to publicize your events.

When you promote it, it They Will Come. Article by Craig Harrison, DTM

VPPR Information.

Google Toastmasters VPPR. These are the result of the google search.  There is a lot of information out there.

Club Training Materials.  This page contains the guides and powerpoints from which I build this presentation.

Toastmasters Websites

Use of Web Pages.  Toastmasters starting page for building a website.

Brand Portal.    Scroll down to Create Your Club or District Website to learn more about setting up the website.

Toastmastersclubs.org. This is the starting point to build your club website.

Toastmasters Website Wiki. Here is a compendium of links to club and district websites, the good, the bad and the bland.  Creativity is plagiarism from multiple sources.

District 40 Website.

WordPress.com.  Visit here to build a Club website hosted by WordPress.

WordPress.org.  This is the site to visit if you are hosting your site through a website host on your own.

Other Websites

Six Minutes Website by Andrew Dlugan

District 36 VPPR training.  Some good ideas

 Toastmasters Videos

Toastmasters promo from District 5 Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Introduction and login instructions to toastmastersclubs.org



Club Bilingue, Unique in Any Language was produced by Rick Lakin, ACB, President, Sweetwater Valley Toastmasters at the studios of iCrew Digital Productions.


Special Thanks to

Debra Simpson, D5 TalkRadio,

Ed Gain, District Governor

Virginia Cruz Avalos, Vice President-Membership, Club Bilingue #3052

Angie Herrera, President, Club Bilingue #3052

Ted Parsons, DTM, Club Bilingue

Clara Jaramillo, CC, San Diego Toastmasters 7