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On two occasions in the last several days, I have had the opportunity to listen to a Donald Trump performance in its entirety. The first was his speech in Maine following the Romney speech last Thursday. I listened to it uninterrupted on satellite radio. The second was just now in Jupiter, Fl as he acknowledged wins in Michigan and Mississippi. I was enthralled and riveted each time by the quality of his performance. In each case, the Republicans, the Democrats and the media judged his performance as a political speech. In so doing they were unable to evaluate the quality, preparation, deliver and content of Trump’s performances.

A political speech consists of paragraphs separated by moments in which the listener has time to think. The listener might evaluate, support, or think badly about the point that the speaker just made. Donald Trump’s prose cannot be evaluated in that manner. His speeches are timed so that the listener doesn’t have a moment to think about the point just made. At the same time Trump says something objectionable about one subject he comes back with a patriotic or obviously supportable statement bumped up against it. The easiest comparison is pure standup comedy where the performer says something leading to an expected conclusion and then delivers a totally unexpected punchline.

Many pundits accuse Trump of speaking off-the-cuff, off the top of his head. It is my contention that Trump’s performance is extremely well written, extremely well rehearsed and extremely well timed.

It can be argued that Hillary Clinton is a very smart individual but I would suggest that Donald Trump from a pure IQ standpoint is much smarter. He is able to think and react in real-time much like we saw with Robin Williams although Williams was a magnitude smarter.

As an experienced television entertainer, Donald Trump is pursuing the nomination for the Republican Party in the same way that he pursues high ratings on his television show. Instead of viewership, he is getting votes. If you look at his campaign in those terms you can see that his opponents are attempting to win against a political opponent while facing a performer extraordinaire who uses their degrading remarks and their attacks to make viewers sympathetic to his point of view by simply leaving them entertained. In other words he is playing an entirely different game than his opponents and he is beating them in a way that they clearly don’t understand.

What does Donald Trump believe in? He believes that he can make America great again. He believes that he can be completely successful at whatever he attempts. He believes that he can achieve a goal without respect to method or the blockades that he has to surmount. He is a 100% pragmatist. That puts him totally in opposition to the GOP establishment which demands ideological purity from all of its candidates. I believe that Donald Trump has the best interests of our country in mind and I believe there’s a good chance that if he is elected he will be a successful president. I believe that there is a very good chance that he will achieve residence in the White House. Nonetheless, I will still vote Democratic in the election because I feel it is absolutely necessary for us to have a progressive supreme Court.

Nonetheless, I believe that at the end of this election cycle the Republican party will look much different than it does now. Whether that is an improvement or the end of the party as we know it is undetermined. Therefore I urge you to pay as much attention as you possibly can and vote. Historians will have a field day with the history that we are making over the next few months.

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