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New!Platonic Island

By Jerry Dell Ehrlich

Platonic Island is a story of the bold and daring attempt of the idealistic efforts of kidnapped and abandoned young adults that are isolated upon a small unchartered island in Oceana who decided that they would create among themselves a community completely liberated from traditional social prohibitions. From the initial two survivors, Jason who was twenty-three and Jocelyn who was sixteen, came a small group that fought for their ideal world: a new value system and a break away from customary religious and social barriers in their quest to stablish a dream community. Their very survival was challenged, by the elements and animal life, by pirates and other adventurers, and by natural physical needs. They fought to save their family and remain apart from the very outside world that had brutalized them in the first place, even if it meant the death of all of them.


Jerry Dell Ehrlich Ph.D., is a writer of philosophical, historical and theological works, including Suicide in the Roman Empire, Plato’s Gift to Christianity and The Platonic Bible among others.

A story of courage, romance, passion and love.


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Peach Cobbler for Breakfast

Surviving a Life-Altering Event

by Sheila Dobbie New!

Sheila Moore Thornburg Dobbie lived the experience of loss, came up with a plan for survival and achieved her recovery.


Peach Cobbler for Breakfast is a story of love and loss. It is laughter through tears and overcoming fears. It is indescribable grief and pain beyond belief. It is joy and recovery through new discoveries. It is survival.


The author suffered the loss of seven family members in a two year period leaving her without a father and husband. This is her story on her road from the depths of grief and loss back to healing and thriving. This is the story of growing up in West Virginia, establishing a career, finding a life partner, losing it all and then beginning a rebuilding process.


Peach Cobbler for Breakfast is a beautifully written love story, biography, adventure, self-help, and spiritual book. The writing flows, is rich with description, provokes thought, touches the emotions, and takes one on a journey. It is interesting that even though the author lost her husband, she didn’t give up on love; lost her friends, she continued to make new ones; and lost the church, she didn’t give up on God. Sheila Moore Thornburg Dobbie has woven a beautiful, rich, and inspiring tapestry.

Judy Rehl, Retired Teacher


“A well-told story of loss and resilience that will inspire many readers.”

– Richard Lederer, verbivore.com


“Peach Cobbler for Breakfast will speak to the heart of anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one, and particularly women who have lost a long-time partner. Her practical advice is woven into her personal story in such a way that positive steps seem more do-able, and hope seems close at hand.”

Louise Fericelli, coachinginnerwisdom.com





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The Apes of Eden

Book 4 – The House of Solomon

by Jon P. Gunn


The House of Solomon, Book 4 of The Apes of Eden saga tells of a visit to literal Museum of Human Technology hosted by a mysterious hooded figure. The author provides stunning detail and biting commentary on man’s unending quest for domination of the Earth. Will it end in failure? Will the human race be the ultimate victor?




In the year 19067, a tribe of killer apes leaves Eden in search of God. They face evil creatures from Hell and Heaven alike.  The story is told in the words of Literate Louie, the Scribe of the Tribe.

A tribe of killer apes living an idyllic life in the Garden of Eden begins a monumental quest to search the post-apocalyptic Earth in search of God.  The Journey Begins is the first of a trilogy.  The Apes of Eden is written in iambic pentameter.  It is a humorous look at religion and philosophy through the eyes of an intelligent ape.

The Apes of Eden is written in rhymed iambic pentameter thus falling into the category called heroic couplets. Each line has 10 syllables and the pairs of lines rhyme.

While many lines were written in 10 syllables in very early Latin, it was Geoffrey Chaucer who added the meter and originated iambic pentameter in the English Language which was further immortalized in many plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare.


Jon P. Gunn wrote The Apes of Eden over a period of many, many years beginning as a teenager. He read Spenser, Chaucer, Dante and Cervantes.   Many oddball philosophies, from solopsism to deism are explored and mocked. Allusions to a broad spectrum of myths and canons are made.

Jon never graduated from college even though he had twice the number of hours to graduate. He was too busy reading the great works of literature to bother. He shared his work with a friend. It is that man and his friend, Rick Lakin who are bringing you Jon’s work. We think it’s very good. We hope you do too.






Awakening 1000

Book 2 of the Secrets of Artasia


E-book – 4.99 Paperback – $15


Surrounded by new and old friends and exploring her new relationship with the handsome Ryan O’Shea, London Crane has begun to settle into her role as Queen of Artasia. London thinks her life can’t get any better. Unbeknownst to the council however, the evil Brawlia Dash has learned of the Power Stones’ discovery and is determined to get them for herself. The council has long held hope that one of her followers would turn on her and end her reign of terror, but could one of their own be spying on them for Brawlia? The reappearance of someone the council believed to be dead brings them the surprise of their lives and London and her friends soon learn that not even the Power Stones can make them invincible.


Book 1 of the Secrets of Artasia

The Power Stones

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $15


A single moment is all it takes to change things. London Crane wasn’t sure what possessed her to accept a dare to go explore the woods where one of her neighbors had disappeared. With five of her classmates tagging along, she assumed they wouldn’t find a thing. When the group finds several jewels buried in a clearing, they think they’ve stumbled on a smugglers’ den. They never expected to find a portal to another world hidden in that same spot, nor for one of them to accidentally fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will they choose to go back to their old lives or stay in the mysterious world of Artasia?

Other books from iCrew Digital Publishing.com


Bill’s Marine Corps Memoir

Marine Corps Daze

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


Marine Corps Daze by William Barrons is a hilarious account of a young man who enlisted in the USMC on the day after his 17th Birthday of 1943 because his birthday was on a Sunday. He faced the hardships and glory of the War in the Pacific armed only with a manual typewriter and an incredible eye for details. His memoire of World War Two and the days after will jog your memory of locations such as San Diego, Pearl Harbor, the Marshall Islands and Chicago.

In October of 2015 at the age of 89, Bill Barrons deployed with 80 veterans one last time to Washington, DC with Honor Flight, a national organization that flies World War II and Korean veterans back to our nation’s capital to visit the memorials that they fought so hard for. In honor of that experience Bill and his publisher, iCrewDigitalPublishing.com are donating all of the proceeds of Marine Corps Daze to the San Diego and Columbus Honor Flight Organizations. In addition, ICrewDigitalPublishing.com will provide copies of Bill’s book to any Veteran’s organization for the cost of printing and shipping for the purpose of fund-raising.

Book 1 Featuring Jack Leslie

The .22 Caliber Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


This is the gripping story of San Diego Police Homicide Team Three Sergeant Jack Leslie. He’s be-deviled trying to solve the mystery of someone repeatedly shooting out eyes and teeth with a .22 caliber gun! 

The weapon is ridiculously tiny for such murders. 

Leslie falls head over heels in love with a ravishing redhead and admires her twelve year old daughter who is an aspiring actress. 

Could it be their friend who’s committing these gruesome murders?

Book 2 Featuring Jack Leslie

The Nude Beach Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


Second novel in his series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Lieutenant Jack Leslie; much revised from the original, published as “Cops Can’t Cry.”

Book 3 Featuring Paddy O’Dean

The Coldest Cold Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


Third novel in his series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Detective Paddy O’Dean. 

Unusually young and ambitious Police Officer Patrick O’Dean becomes a Detective on Homicide Team Three. He hopes to follow in his murdered father’s footsteps. 

At first he is remarkably successful in solving the cases given him. 

But then, he handed the toughest file of the Departments Cold Cases, and this one not only involves many murders, but auto thefts and brutal robberies as well!

Book 4 Featuring Kevin Williams

The Forever Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


This is the fourth novel in his series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Sergeant Kevin Williams. Detective Williams finds out that some people murder to save the victim, some people who murder believe they can do a better job than others, but most murderers do it simply for greed and anger.

Book 5 Featuring Brian Alan

The Red Hot Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


This is Book 5 in Bill Barrons’ Police Procedural series about the San Diego Police Homicide Detail and featuring Brian Alan. Detective Alan faces the worst possible scenario that a homicide detective can face, a serial killer who won’t be found. Detective Alan plants himself firmly on the tail of this vicious killer but is alluded by the wiles of a killer who takes many lives.

Book 6 Featuring Matthew Morgan

The Homeless Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


Newly appointed Homicide Detective Matt Morgan faces a string of killings of some of the most vulnerable of our citizens, the homeless on the streets. His wile and tenacity take him to the darkest corners of San Diego as well as the darkest of perpetrators.

Book 7 Featuring Matthew Morgan

The Rawhide Homicides

E-book – 2.99 Paperback – $10


Lieutenant Matthew Morgan is mourning his beautiful wife and the mother of his son when he is asked to solve a double murder. The prime suspect is a ravishing blonde, the brother of one of the victims and worse yet, someone for whom Matt is falling madly in love.

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