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Bringing New Authors to the Digital World. If you are an Independent Author with a project that needs that last push to get it onto the market, contact me at icrewdigital@gmail.com or visit icrewdigitalpublishing.com



iCrew Digital Productions was proud to provide WordPress web design and hosting services to Emily Wichmann and Bob “Camo” Gleisberg, the top two candidates in the election for Oceanside Unified School District Trustees.





BobGleisberg Website

Emily Wichmann Website










HOS Front Cover


iCrew Digital provides WordPress website design services tailored to the needs of individual clients and small organizations.   The iCrew Digital Productionsimprint is an independent publisher of ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks including  Peach Cobbler for Breakfast by Sheila Dobbie, The Apes of Eden – The Journey Begins, and The Apes of Eden – Book 4 – The House of Solomon, both by Jon P. Gunn.    iCrew Digital Productions produces multi-camera videos some of which can be seen at vimeo.com.

Rick Lakin, CEO of iCrew Digital Productions is the founder and director of iCrew Digital Productions, a Community of Young Media Professionals. A former Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator and a retired math teacher, Rick currently publishes books, designs WordPress Websites, produces multi-camera videos, is a member of the 1000 Club of the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers, is an Advanced Communicator Silver in Toastmasters, International and acts as Statistician for Broadcast Sports Television.   He can be contacted a icrewdigital@gmail.com


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