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Here is the text of a speech given by Virginia Cruz Avalos.


I need your help. Would you help me?

Please say yes. Thank you

NOW, Repeat after me. It Is All About Me.   It Is All About Me!

For 85 years, Toastmasters, a not for Profit Organization, has helped people like you and me with issues like Self Improvement, Communication, and Leadership. 85 years!  Toastmaster; Is All About You!

Mr. Toastmaster, Ladies, Gentlemen and Most Welcome Guests.

Look at a person like me.

I was the third child in a poor family of twelve, an immigrant.

English as a second language, and with no confidence.

Now, Imagine, how you would feel or how much confidence would you have if:

You were held back in first grade three years.

You were held back again in fifth grade for two years.

At the age of 14 you did not know how to read well. It took me ten years to go through sixth grade in elementary school.   I made many friends, who knew I was a slow on learning.

At age 14, my sister, only two years older than me, and I acted as father and mother to nine children, all of them younger than us.  The youngest one was only five months old.

Do you remember how old were you when you had your first child?          Was it challenging?

Now imagine nine children.  When you were 14 years old. When I reflect on that time in my life, it was a challenging time.  It was the time when my brothers and sisters went through many straggle and difficulties. What would you have done?

Would you have ended up feeling sorry for yourself?  Or would you become a strong, responsible, resilient person?

Think about your own life. You know you are a competent person. You know you are a responsible person. You know you are a resilient person.  You know you have many talents.

However, sometimes you are afraid and you lack confidence.  How often have you told yourself if I only could express and communicate?

What is stopping you?  Is it a lack of confidence?  For me I will always be thankful to God. I was lucky to find Toastmasters, the best-kept secret in the world.

Toastmasters will help you find the strengths that you have always thought you lacked.  Toastmasters will help you find the confidence you need to find a better job or get the job you really want, the confidence you need to go after your dreams, the confidence you need to communicate to be the leader you are meant to be.

Think about the millions of people who have lost their confidence because they lost their job or their home. They are going through rough times. Toastmasters can help them to get their confidence back.  All they need to do is to find the best kept secret. TOASTMASTERS

Toastmasters is: All about My Self Improvement!

Toastmasters is: All about Me!   It is all about me!  And

Toastmasters is: Up to Me!     It Is Up to Me!

Take advantage of the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Program.

Toastmaster will help you as it has helped me, to get the confidence you need to face the challenges in your life.

Just do it!  Join Toastmasters, and work the program.


Virginia is a member or two Toastmasters clubs, Bilingué Toastmasters and Sweetwater Valley Toastmasters.  You can join a Toastmasters in your area by going to the Toastmasters International Website and clicking on the Find a Club page


Virginia Cruz has been a production and plant-engineering Business Consultant for over twenty-five years.  Beginning from the ground up as a sewing operator in the early 1960s, she learned about how the bottom line profits in the sewing industry relate to piecework, workflow, production balance, and quality control.

Ms. Cruz has helped many large and small companies, in Mexico and the USA, to increase productivity up to 30 %, and reduce defects down to 0 % by controlling quality, reducing employee turnover, and increasing employee morale.

Ms. Cruz provides professional consulting services and specializes in: training and development of sewing specialists at the operator, supervisor, and managerial levels; human relations /resources; time studies, production balance, factory loading, and piecework analysis; sample room set up and factory layout. Her expertise in these areas set the standard for optimal factory throughput.

She helps companies deliver on time, control cost and develop the highest quality, while complying with Cal-OSHA health and safety regulations.

Virginia is also an inspirational public speaker. As an Advanced Gold Toastmaster, she believes in helping people better themselves.

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