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On Thursday February 23, I visited the Lucky Star Seafood Restaurant at 54th and University in San Diego for a set by the Moonlight Serenade Orchestra, a Big Band-style musical organization consisting of 20 volunteers.  I took along the Panasonic HMC-70 for the wide shot and the Nikon J1 as my handheld camera.  I captured audio using the Zoom H1 on a mini-tripod.  The videos were edited using Final Cut Pro X with the multi-cam feature.  Graphics were created on Apple Motion 5.

The lighting was a challenge as it was attuned to evening dancing and I was a crew of one.  Enjoy.

Sunny Side of the Street

Players recognizable on the video:

Trumpet:    John Hintz,   Alto Sax & Clarinet:    Paul Wash,  Alto Sax & Clarinet:    Drew Hilliard,   Tenor Sax (solo) & Director:    Bob Tutelman,   Tenor Sax:    Rolf Lachmayr,  Baritone Sax:    John Calo,  Trombone:    Charlie Flach.  Piano:    Ken McArthur.  Bass:    Keith McNeese.  Guitar:    Tom Hart,  Drums:    Tony DeSousa

Other players not visible or really recognizable:  Trumpets:    Richard Fickess, Ted Wait,  Trombones:    Michael Ambriz, Dick Martin, Jim Lewis

Do the Hustle

Flutist:  Maxine Madruga
The Moonlight Serenade Orchestra had its origins in the Chula Vista Community Band, which formed in July, 1996 with a group of 7 to 14 musicians. Over the years we have evolved several times, and since a complete reorganization in 2004, under the direction of Bob Tutelman, the group has grown to almost forty musicians, typically playing as a 20-piece ensemble including vocalists. The orchestra plays a wide variety of Big Band Swing sounds as well as Waltzes, Latin Rhythms, Quicksteps, Ballads and Polkas.

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