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This is a totally subjective list and I chose these because the videos are so watchable and so emotional.  Ok, they are tearjerkers.  I picked these because the young diva gave a surprisingly good performance sometimes astonishingly so.  Not all are amateurs but all went on to professional careers.   I am not going to rank these so they are presented in chronological order.   Barbra and Judy – Happy Times are Here Again/C’mon Get Happy Medley.  From The Judy Garland Show in 1963, this was near the beginning of Barbra Streisand’s career and near the end of Judy Garland’s.   Mel Torme arranged the duet.  Judy was troubled by alcohol and drugs at the time but it is said that she was at the top of her game the week she hosted Barbra.  There were CBS executives in the audience to see Streisand’s performance on the Big Stage and the next year Barbra produced and hosted her own special at the age of 25.



Susan Boyle – I Dreamed a Dream – 2009 Britain’s Got Talent. Boyle is not young but she took the Big Stage as an unknown amateur. Susan Boyle was not altogether ready for the national and international spotlight  at first but she has had good management leading to a successful recording and a tour.




Lea Michele and Idina Menzel – I Dreamed a Dream – Glee Season One, Episode 19.  Yes, both Lea and Idina are proven Broadway performers.  I included this one because it did portray, both fictionally and to some extent in truth, a young diva on the Big Stage with a more experienced performer.  Idina’s Wiki points out that Menzel requested the role on Glee as Rachel’s Mom after fans pointed out the physical resemblance.



Sarah Horn and Kristen Chenowith – For Good from the Broadway Musical Wicked – Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Sarah Horn was not a ringer.  She was, in fact, chosen from the audience at random to sing on the Big Stage with Kristen.  Nonetheless, Sarah, on the one hand, knew that she was 1 of nearly 10,000 at the Hollywood Bowl.  On the other hand, she realized that success comes when preparation meets opportunity.  She had practiced the song 100s of times.  She was a highly trained and talented singer.  And i suspect that she had this event scripted and visualized in her mind because she knew that Kristen would pick an audience member for a duet.  She played the part well portraying the scared newcomer with no clue up until the moment she belted the first bars of the song in a way that floored Kristen, surprised the conductor and stole the audience’s heart.

Sarah Horn a graduate of Cal Baptist in the Masters program has gone on to do professional performances most recently in Denver.  Visit her Website



Yes, I said 5 and the fifth is coming. Help me select it.  Let me know what you think in the comments

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