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On a hot, summer July 26, I visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton with Ron Johnson, a retired Air Force Reservist and Ken Beamer a veteran P-3 Avionics Tech.  Not just the Main Museum but the R&D/President’s Aircraft Hangars.   That was thanks to Ron Johnson, a retired reservist who repaired Turbo chargers for the Air Force in the 50’s.  His ID card got us on base without having to take our chances on the shuttle.  As we passed the Super Constellation, Ron told about repairing a Super Charger for Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s plane.


Shoo Shoo Baby, a B-17G that was restored in Dover, Delaware and flown to the USAF Museum in 1988

As we walked past the Shoo Shoo Baby, a restored B-17G, Ron told about the day it flew three passes around Wright Field, made its final landing and taxied up to the Museum.  Near a B-29, he explained about a tool he made to repair the turbo exhaust that sometimes got bent.  I graduated from high school with Ron’s son Keith and we have been family friends ever since Keith and I participated in Junior Achievement.

For lunch, we chose a choke and puke in Fairborn called Foy’s.  Actually a very nice place to eat.  Good chili and a very large and tasty Codfish sandwich.

On the way home, we passed through one of the more entertaining thunderstorms of the summer with a lightning bolt hitting the ground within 50 yards of the car.  You know that because you hear it and see it at the same moment.  And boy do you hear it.   Enjoy the photos from my gallery.


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  • sdobbie46 says:

    The Air Force Museum is a fascinating place. We also saw the special area where they have the presidents’ planes. Roosevelt’s plane was interesting with the special lift for his wheelchair and I had chills standing on Kennedy’s plane near where they brought back his body and remembering this is where Johnson took the oath of office.