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I am a retiree on a fixed income and so I go to $6 morning matinees to avoid the ridiculously high evening prices for movies.  On Friday, February 15,  I went to AMC Plaza Bonita 14 in Chula Vista, California for their  11:30 matinee as advertised on yahoo.com.  I was told that the information was wrong and the next available show was at 1:45 for $9.   I spoke with a supervisor and manager, both of whom were polite and professional, requesting the $6 price for the 1:45 show.  They explained that it was yahoo’s mistake and that they would not back it.  I told them that I was an unsatisfied customer and that I would not come to their theater any more.

AMC Theaters is a large national corporation and apparently $3 is too much money to spend on individual customer satisfaction.  There are many large national corporations.  For example, Nordstrom is a leader in retailing and will do almost anything within reason to promote customer satisfaction.  In the past, Apple Stores were very poor in the area of customer satisfaction as evidenced a number of years ago when they wanted to charge $30 to install a memory upgrade that was included as a promotion with the purchase of a $3000 laptop.  Apple has since greatly improved their retailing presence and has gone out of their way to keep me as a  satisfied customer.  AMC Theaters has a long way to go.

It seems that younger employees and managers in the retail and service industries feel that they need to constantly defend the bottom line for their corporations against needy and sometimes dishonest customers.   They lack the understanding about how unhealthy it is to allow an unsatisfied customer to leave the store and how cheap and easy it is to fix the problems and change the attitude of the customer.

All I wanted was a fair resolution.  Apparently all that AMC wants is my money.


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