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Getting Started with WordPress is a new article in MacWorld about WordPress, our favorite blogging/website/communications/promotions tool. At a recent WordCamp at The Ohio State University, I was discussing the growth of WordPress with a tech entrepreneur and founder of a website that caters to WordPress newbies.  I did some thumbnail math and concluded that the market penetration of WordPress was significantly less than on-tenth of one percent. I believe that WordPress is on the verge of a major breakout and will eclipse its current market share by magnitudes in the next few years. As the incredibly large current generation of Facebook users become more sophisticated with their tech skills, their writing skills and their design skills, they will want to take much greater control over the depth and quality of their presence on the Internet.

WordPress is uniquely positioned to be the vehicle to fill that need because it currently serves multiple tiers of users.  David Daw, PCWorld columnist, illustrates these tiers in his article.  The most simple entry is to sign up for a website at WordPress.com.   The casual blogger will find a home where the user can decorate their websites and expand its functionality within rather strict limits.  The up and coming power user will quickly outgrow these limits and move on to building a WordPress website in their own domain and their own webspace.  This option allows the website builder to use unlimited plugins and themes to create a sophisticated look and functionality. Eventually, the power users will begin to get their hands dirty and start to learn languages like html, php, jquery and javascript and generate new functionality and new design for not only themselves but for other users in the open source community that is WordPress.

In the tech world, we are always looking for the Next Big Thing. I have watched the history of this revolution for over thirty years with innovations like Visicalc, desktop publishing, digital video, the Internet, the World Wide Web and the family of iThings.  Each of these innovations has given the individual user more control over their world through technology.  I believe that WordPress will be the vehicle that will achieve the ultimate vision of giving every person the opportunity to have a unique and compelling individual presence on the Internet.


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